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  The Web is undergoing changes at an unprecedented pace and so are markets and businesses. After establishing the project a business must define how it is going to market its web site. Organizations in the past were satisfied with their pretty looking and content rich websites and web pages. However, it was soon understood by companies worldwide that a website was not enough. It needed to be promoted! Websites that were not well promoted eventually turned into just electronic brochures and cost centers delivering no real value. It requires continued promotions, both off and on-line, to build any meaningful traffic to a site. We have special package for maintenance of web site on regular basis in addition to web promotional packages.  
  The single most important thing you can do to increase your traffic is to increase your search engine ranking. Your position on the first 3 pages of a search is absolutely crucial for our and our clients' success. We at Web Express, take care of your needs.  
  Here are some basic reasons for exploring a search engine campaign.  
It is from the search engines that more than 90% of the website visitors come.
When compared with other means, advertising campaign of the Internet is relatively cheap.
Benefiting a competitive advantage on your opposition who do not have an optimized website.
  Pay Per Click Advertising  
  Pay per click is an webpromotion option. It applies Cost Per Click price to related key phrases to easily and accurately calculate positioning, online marketing costs and ROI for your website. Unlike the Maintenance or Optimization SEO campaign, the client only pays for the traffic that is provided, based on the agreed CPC. Say for example, Google Adwords and Overture.  
  PPC Compaign  
  Cost-per-click (CPC) paid - for placements are now considered a "must-do" part of the webpromotion mix. Today, almost all search engines offer a paid - for way to nearly instantaneously guarantee visibility on their result pages, but what was once considered an easy, do-it-yourself form of online advertising has grown increasingly complicated.  
  Our PPC Experts constantly monitor your PPC bids for the different keywords, the click through rate for those keywords, the ROI and other minute details. We periodically provide you with comprehensive reports regarding the amount of clicks per keyword, individual and average click through rate, the individual and average cost per click and other reports, which help us, further enhance your ROI.  
  An effective PPC campaign requires constant inflow of money. We developed effective PPC campaign so as to achieve maximum click through rates (CTR), observe conversion rates over time and edit campaigns resulting in maximization of ROI.  
  Link Campaigns  
  It’s all about linking other websites to yours. This includes a reciprocal link too by which your site can link back to them. Exchanging links with other web sites having similar or related content will result in attracting more and more visitors to your web site. Also, this link popularity helps in bringing about a relevant ranking in some search engines.  
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