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  If you read the papers, you've heard a lot of information about e-commerce - some true, some exaggerated. One thing is certain: e-commerce is very real and very significant to a rapidly increasing percentage of corporations. Based upon our real-world experience, we believe that e-commerce today is vitally important to three kinds of enterprises.  
  First and most common are those companies that depend upon suppliers, distributors, and other business partners in order to deliver goods and services to customers. Secondly are those companies which sell readily understood and broadly marketed goods to consumers. Third are those companies that have highly unusual goods or services and limited ability to expand traditional forms of distribution.  
  Take advantage of this booming opportunity now by employing our e-commerce solution. For your customers--the ease of shopping with virtual "shopping cart" point click technology, and purchasing using secure, real-time transactions with any payment method they choose. For you-- displaying prices in any currency, automatic transaction totals and invoices, and generation of sales statistics. Orders are directed to you for fulfillment and payment is routed to your merchant account. It doesn't get any easier than this.  
  If your company falls into any of these categories, then the ability to conduct secure business transactions across the Internet can give you instant access to a new way to reach customers. By implementing electronic commerce solutions, you can expand your market reach, increase revenue, lower operating costs and enhance customer satisfaction.  
  Taking advantage of electronic commerce solutions can be a challenging process and requires a detailed understanding of the world of e-commerce, Internet marketing issues and the underlying financial, technology and security systems involved. As your strategic partner for deploying custom e-commerce solutions, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan and implementation that meets your specific business goals, keeping you ahead of the competition.  
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